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Applications and Documents

The first time you launch Raskin the software scans your hard drive to add the most used and recently opened documents and applications onto the Surface. Visit Raskin Surface Arrangement

Reveal Application or Document in Raskin

  • Press Command-Option-Scroll or Command-Option-R to reveal the open document or application in Raskin.

  • If the document is not already on the Surface, a new Place is created.

Ways to Open Documents

  • Locate and place mouse cursor on document and zoom in.

  • Locate and place pointer on document and Double click twice. The first Double click will zoom in on the document, the second will open it.

  • Double click on the document icon top left.

  • Locate and place pointer on document, Select and Command-O.

  • Locate and place pointer on document and choose Open (or Open with) from the context menu.

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