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How to navigate in Raskin


    Zoom lets you move in and out of the Surface. There are four ways to Zoom.

    • Trackpad: Pinch open to zoom in; pinch close to zoom out

    • Mouse: Option-Scroll

    • Quick Keys: Command–Plus Sign and Command–Minus Sign to zoom out

    • On screen: Raskin Zoom buttons (move the mouse to bottom right of the Surface to reveal)


    Pan or scroll up, down, left and right within the Raskin surface. There are five ways to Pan.

    • Trackpad: Two Finger Drag

    • Mouse: Scroll

    • Arrow Keys

    • Keyboard: Space bar–hold down–drag

    • Scroll bars at the bottom and at right side of the Surface


    Quickly focus on any object on the Surface by double-clicking it.

    • Double-click on documents, folders and Places to quickly zoom in on these objects.

    • Double-click on any background (folder, Place or Surface background) to zoom out.

    • A subsequent double-click on a Place background will move your focus to the top of this Place.

    Use Autofocus while you move or copy items.

    • Hover a little while over your target or over the Surface background in order to zoom in and out automatically.

    • Learn more about Autofocus: Move and Copy Items