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Raskin Surface Arrangement

Raskin Surface Arrangement

Applications appear to the left of the Surface and your documents in Places to the right.

The first time you launch Raskin, it scans your hard disk for Places, Documents and folder to be added to the Surface. Raskin does not affect the structure or location of documents, directories, libraries etc. on your Mac and does not send information outside of your computer during this process.

The initial number of Places on the Surface is made up of the folders listed in the Finder Places sidebar. A Raskin Places folder is added to Places in the Finder sidebar.

If Raskin detects that one Place contains too many documents or folders an additional Place will be created to maintain a balanced arrangement.

In addition, Raskin calculates your computers memory and for each installed gigabyte displays approximately 500 documents on the Surface, based on their last opened date.

After the initial arrangement has taken place, you are free to add more documents to the Surface or hide any objects you don’t use.

Quick Start Guide

The Raskin Quick Start Guide and intro videos are displayed to the left of the Raskin Places.
  • Both Quick Start Guide and intro videos can be hidden by choosing View > Hide Quick Start Guide.

Applications Place

  • The Applications Place can be hidden by choosing View > Hide "Applications" Place.

Show Raskin Surface on Another Screen

If you use more than one screen, you can choose which screen Raskin uses.

  • Choose Window > Show Raskin on Screen and select the screen Raskin should use.