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Move and Copy Items

Move Items

  • Select one or more items on the Surface.

  • Drag the selection to the location you want to move it to.

  • Dropping the selection will move the items, on the Surface as well as in the file system.

  • When attempting to move items to a different volume of the file system, the items will be copied instead, similar to the behaviour in Finder.


  • Drag the selection and hover over a potential drop target to automatically focus on that target.
    (To adjust the delay of autfocus open Raskin Preferences.)

  • Hover over a Place to focus on the top of that Place.

  • Hover over the Surface background, between and around Places, to zoom out.

Copy Items

  • Follow the steps for moving items.

  • Press the Option key while dragging and dropping the items. The "plus" cursor indicates that the items will be copied instead of moved.