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Working with Documents and Folders

Create New Folder

  • Command-Shift-N

  • Or choose File > New Folder

  • Or choose New Folder from context menu

    A small folder icon appears on the end of pointer. Move folder with pointer to desired location on the Surface and click to drop.


    • Use the sort button at top right of the document to sort the folder by size or name.

      Sort Button

    • Change the sort direction by clicking the triangle below.

    • Or choose View > Arrange by (Name, Date Created, Last Opened, Label, Size, Kind, Manual).

    • Or choose Arrange by from the context menu

    • Move files within folder to arrange manually

    Resizing Files and Folders

    • Resize Document and Folders by dragging the right corner.

    Put Selection into a New folder

      Select document(s) or folder(s) and

      • Command-G

      • or Choose Put Selection Into New Folder from context menu

      • or Choose Selection > Put Selection Into New Folder

        (The title of the new folder is selected ready to be named.)