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Select and Edit Items

Selecting Items

  • Click to select a single item. Command+Click to select multiple items.

  • Start dragging outside of the Document and move over two or more items.

  • To select all items in a folder click on a item and choose Selection > Select All Items in Same Folder

Label items

  • Click Label icon at top right of documents and folder for Label pop-up menu

    Label Button

  • Or choose Label from context menu

  • Or choose File > Label

Rename items

  • Select item, then click on Name

  • Select item and press Return Key

  • Choose Rename from Shortcut menu

  • Choose File > Rename

Move items to Trash

  • Click and drag to trash

  • Select items and press Command-Backspace

  • Choose Move to trash from context menu

  • Choose File > Move to trash